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Seton Manor’s Activities Department Mission

The mission of the Activities Department at Seton Manor is to strive to ensure that each resident is provided with individualized, eclectic, creative, and meaningful programming to meet their physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and psychosocial needs as their stays within the facility continue.

The Activity Team operates on the notion that each resident is a valued member of the Seton Manor family and has unique skill sets that can be recognized, utilized, and most importantly, celebrated daily. We firmly believe that there are always new experiences to have, new things to learn, and new friends to make, no matter what your age, and that is the core of our program here. At Seton Manor, your loved one becomes our loved one from the minute they come through our door.

Memory Care Program

Seton Manor ‘s Activity team strives for excellence in all aspects of daily functioning, however it is within the Memory Care Program on the facility’s secure St.Joseph’s Cloister unit where magical things happen for all of its residents.

The Memory Care program is structured and rooted in the belief that those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other related cognitive impairments and disorders operate and respond differently than that of the general elderly population.
Here, we focus on providing the residents a safe, trusting environment from a perspective of validation therapy where we meet each resident exactly where they are, with importance placed on meeting all of their needs in creative, fun, and energizing approaches to maintain dignity and reaffirm Self-Worth.

Two of our most successful components, in addition to possessing a truly stellar, educated, and dedicated team, are the Sunshine and Burst of Energy Clubs, which are incorporated into daily programming for residents residing on the unit. Sunshine Club takes place five days a week as part of daytime programming and is organized in an exciting way that revitalizes everyone involved in small group, seasonally appropriate and joyful activity. Sunshine Club brings out the best in all of our residents by boosting self-esteem, lifting spirits, and developing a faithful routine all while focusing on enhancing cognition and coordination through a myriad of programming. Similarly, designed to focus on reduction of sundowning and associated features of cognitive disorders in the evening, is our Burst of Energy Club, which invigorates residents with enticing games, exercise, arts and creative expressions before dinner, and readies them with soothing and relaxing sensory programming before bed. Both programs have been successful in reducing the utilization of a typical antipsychotics to remedy behaviors.

Perhaps most importantly, it must be noted that our residents whom live on the Cloister unit are also integrated in daily programming for the rest of the facility as well, giving more meaning to the mission of the department in developing and maintaining positive relationships among all residents and staff members in our care.

Arts in Elder Care

One other such unique component of our Activities Department is the exceptionally large focus on provision of access to the expressive arts and various media for all of Seton Manor’s residents. Art and all of its various forms are a fantastic means of communication for all individuals on Earth, and the elderly are no exception.

Truly, art is a universal language that requires no voice other than a person’s creativity, which the Activity Department believes all residents possess in various forms no matter what a person’s physical capabilities or cognitive status.

The creation of artwork and engagement of the creative process has been proven to promote overall wellness by enhancing energy levels, reducing lethargy and depressive symptomology, improving cognition and memory, raising self-awareness and overall improving Self Esteem and Self Worth, among others. Seton Manor offers residents the ability to express themselves daily in a wide variety of art forms where other facilities may not under the tutelage of its registered, board-certified art therapist and Activities Director, as well as partnering with local artists, schools, and community programs to ensure all residents have the ability to make meaningful art work daily.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer team is quite large and eccentric. As a matter of fact, the only thing more unique than our Activity Team is its volunteer base, consisting of local students, youth groups, church groups, artisans, business owners, boy and girl scout troops, daycare centers, musicians, etc.

If you would like to be a part of our Volunteer team, please contact … and follow …

Community Outreach

Seton Manor’s Activity Department is well-known within the community as a provider for its residents, as well as for giving back to others. It is not uncommon for the facility to host fundraisers for community members in need such as basket raffles, bake sales, and other various events. Perhaps the most well-known event is the facility’s “Haunted Orphanage” which has been an annual event hosted each Halloween season since 2015 to raise funds for activity programming and community groups and organizations. The Activity Department partners with local school districts, artisans, food vendors/bakers and restaurants, etc. all year long. It is part of the fabric of our programming, not extraneous to it.

Events and Entertainment

We are very proud of our high volume of entertainers, trips, outings, and socials provided each week. Check our monthly Activity Calendars. They are all the proof you need!

1:1 Program

We understand that large group programming is not everyone’s cup of tea. We also understand that each resident’s needs for stimulation on all levels must be provided daily, which is why we have developed our 1:1 program to meet the needs of those whom may not desire to attend our larger group offerings. A fan of big group programs or not, our residents are family, and family means no one is left behind or forgotten. Our 1:1 visitation is provided to residents in-room or on our lounges on an intimate, personal scale in various forms daily by our illustrious staff and dedicated volunteers. The 1: 1 program is an important ingredient in maintaining the Activity Department’s focus on a person-centered, relational model.

For More Information Please Contact

Michael Fox, MPS, ATR-BC, LPC

Director of Activities